Welcome to the MULTIVERSE.

In the year 2045, you, like most of humanity, you escape your grim surroundings by spending all your waking hours jacked into the MULTIVERSE, a sprawling virtual utopia. Like others, you dream of discovering a prize that lies concealed within one of thousands of virtual worlds by the MULTIVERSE’s creator, the late Theodore Avery. Avery stipulated in his will that the person who discovers the hidden easter egg inside the MULTIVERSE will inherit his entire estate, including billions of dollars and full financial and creative control of the MULTIVERSE itself.

For five years, millions of players struggled fruitlessly to attain the prize, knowing only that Avery‚Äôs clues are based in the pop culture of the 1980’s, 90’s, 2000’s, and 2010’s; these individuals become known as “Egg hunters” or “gunters” for short.

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