Clues to find the Gold Key

Whichever player can message me the answers to all of these questions first will become the first to collect the gold key. I will message you back the number of questions you have right, but will not tell you which ones are right.

Players who answer all the questions, but aren’t first also will get a copy of the gold key.

In the case that no player can answer all the questions, the player with the most correct will be the one that finds the key.

The 10 questions WITH YOUR FINAL CLUES!!!

1. What is the name of the Savage Wizard? I Wonder what it could be? Holy Mole-y, this one is so easy. He plays Jimmy’s brother. He’s too sexy for his shirt. Married to Wilma.

2. On what street is soap made? Cornelius knows. He says that with enough soap you can blow up just about anything. Don’t know the answer; join the Club. The first rule of answering question #2 is that you do not talk about it. Location of Project Mayhem.

3. Who was named after a McDonalds sandwich? It’s no Big deal. Just put on a pink sweatsuit and think hard. Someone stole his bike. Bet it was Glass Joe or Mike Tyson.

4. What makes a mage a wizard? FINALly, ONE tough question. Just make a guess you dirty Rat. It’s fantastic. Bahamut knows the answer. Also is a redneck hair style for kids.

5. How do you kill a goose? Ask Iceman. Keep Gunning for the right answer. Lose that loving feeling. Get it right and move closer to the TOP of the scoreboard. It isnt the plane crash that kills him.

6. Where do zombies come from? This evil place is obsessed with the number 6. It’s full of Penguins. Seriously, fuck this town and its football team. This town is the Pitts.

7. What does E stand for? A real Man would know. You Can guess it. Dont overthink it, it’s Mega simple. Don’t be blue. Equals mc squared.

8. Beavers play what game against Teenage Knights? They have a howling good time. You’ll WIN IN THE END. Also played by Bulls.

9. Who killed Mr. Howlett? He was eXecuted. He had a real Bone to pick with that guy. Don’t tell Jean bub. Mr howler had a groundskeeper named Logan. .

10. What’s the rarest creature in the Deepwood? It’s red and green and flies all over. Gather your thoughts and come up with the right answer. It come from the land of mercadia. The answer is masked in riddles. Was in my first theme deck.

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Clues to find the Gold Key

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