Zargon's Almanac

At the bottom of the scoreboard is a symbol that links to Zargon’s Almanac, a journal of Zargon’s thoughts, which ranged from favorite movies and games, to thoughts on religion, to preferred beverages and cartoon characters. The almanac includes no direct passages about Theodore’s real life events. The Hunt, as the contest came to be known, quickly wove its way into global culture. Like winning the lottery, finding Avery’s Easter egg became a popular fantasy among adults and children alike. It was a game anyone could play, and at first, there seemed to be no right or wrong way to play it. The only thing Zargon’s Almanac seemed to indicate was that a familiarity with Avery’s various obsessions would be essential to finding the egg.

You’ve spent the last 5 years studying Zargon’s Almanac and here is the information you’ve gathered so far:

  • Theodore Avery was a fan of console video games, especially NES games
  • He was an avid comic book collector
  • He enjoyed collectable card games
  • He enjoyed comedies, action movies, and sci fi movies
  • He also was a sports fan, specifically football and college basketball, but had a huge memorabilia collection of baseballs, sports cards, jerseys, and autographs.
  • He enjoyed miniature war games
  • He had a huge collection of arcade games and pinball machines
  • He was a fan intergalactic science fiction
  • He also enjoyed post-apocalypse fiction
  • His diet consisted mostly of fresh foods like fruits, vegetables, and seafood, but he also enjoyed red meat and beer
  • He had an eclectic collection of music
  • He was a pen and paper rpg player in his earlier life
  • He liked cold weather and snow
  • He preferred to walk around barefoot
  • He was an atheist
  • He kept a large book collection and was an amateur writer
  • He was a professional wrestling fan

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