Side Quests

Side quests are available after the second session.

There are many side quests that yield unique legendary items. Many of which have special requirements for use. Some are bind on pick up. Others may be auctioned off. Some may be used over and over while others are one time use. Below are a list of side quests that are speculated to yield unique items. Please keep in mind that each of a series of missions and can take up to a week of constant dedicated questing/raiding to complete.

Just watch the movie and send me a picture of you next to the credits. Use the honor system here.

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The Wizard – The Power Glove Vadius
Teen Wolf – Basketball Jersey
Devil Man 1 & 2 – Demon Skull
The Mist – Gatemaker
True Romance – Elvis’ Glasses
High School of the dead (complete series) – Outbreak Seed
It’s Always Sunny in Philadephia Season 3 – Green Man Suit
Airborne 1993 – Goosens Blades
Workaholics (season 1) – The Bear Jacket
Hot Rod – Rod’s Mustache
The World’s End – The King’s Pint Spughetti
Weird Science – The Lisa
Labyrinth – the glass orbs
Game of Thrones (season 1) – The Dragon Eggs
The Walking Dead (season 5) – The Red Machete
Big Hero 6 – Microbots Spughetti
The Sandlot – PF Flyers
The Godfather – The Horse Head
Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors – Freddy’s Glove
Ghostbusters – Proton Pack
Back to the Future – The Delorian Vadius
Firefly (season 1) – The Serenity Vadius
Dresden Files (season 1) – Harry’s Duster
Shrek – Gingerbread Man
Saw – Hacksaw
Friday the 13th 1980 – Hockey Mask
The Matrix Trilogy – Neo’s Glasses Vadius
The Blair Witch Project – the witch’s doll
Beauty and the Beast – the beast rose
The Professional – Hitman’s plant
Captain America, the first avenger – Cap’s Shield
Batman Returns – Utility Belt Spughetti
Green Lantern – The Green Lantern Ring Vadius
Boondock Saints – Murphy’s Rope Vadius
The Warriors – Warrior’s Cut
PeeWee’s Big Adventure – PeeWee’s Bike
Battle Royale – Duffel Bag Spughetti
The Beast Master – Kodo and Podo
The Monster Squad – The Monster’s Amulet
The Lost Boys – Holy Super Soaker
Office Space – The Red Stapler

Side Quests

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